We are an acupuncture clinic, located in San Francisco's Historic Japantown, run by a Japanese acupuncturist. Based on the theory of oriental medicine, we relieve, and remediate many different kinds of adult diseases, general physical complaints that come from stress and other unpleasant symptoms by using the techniques of acupuncture and moxibustion.


Sanitary Management

  1. Sterilized (EOG Gas) disposable needles are used once per patient, so there is no cause for concern with coming into direct contact with contaminants, or bacteria which could lead to infections.
  2. Our original disposable paper bed sheets are discarded after every session.
  3. Towels and robes are changed every session and washed.
  4. The practitioner's fingers and hands are scrubbed with soap and water, then disinfected with alcohol before treating any patient.