We are an acupuncture clinic, located in San Francisco's Historic Japantown, run by a Japanese acupuncturist. Based on the theory of oriental medicine, we relieve, and remediate many different kinds of adult diseases, general physical complaints that come from stress and other unpleasant symptoms by using the techniques of acupuncture and moxibustion.


Questions & Answers

  • Am I uncomfortable with the use of needles?
  • We use ultra-thin needles that cause little or no pain.
  • How often should I receive treatments?
  • That depends on symptoms and patients. Usually chronic pain requires more time to treat, but certain symptoms may be alleviated by only one treatment session.
  • I am pregnant. Should I avoid receiving acupuncture treatments?
  • No Problem. You can receive acupuncture treatment with ease.
  • Is there any age restriction?
  • No. A wide range of people from baby to elderly can receive acupuncture treatment.
  • Do you process insurance claims?
  • Our clinic does not process insurance claims. Please ask your insurance carrier if coverage is available and submit the medical statement we issue to your insurance carrier.
  • Ifd like to relay my concerns regarding the treatment method and the complaints before receiving an acupuncture treatment session.
    Do I have to receive treatment?
  • Not necessarily.
    Wefd like the patient to receive treatments without any concerns. Please feel free to call or e-mail us. You can also stop by the clinic when you visit the Japan Center.
  • Can you prescribe Chinese medication without receiving treatment?
  • No. We recommend the best Chinese medication for patient's symptom and situation after treatment.


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