We are an acupuncture clinic, located in San Francisco's Historic Japantown, run by a Japanese acupuncturist. Based on the theory of oriental medicine, we relieve, and remediate many different kinds of adult diseases, general physical complaints that come from stress and other unpleasant symptoms by using the techniques of acupuncture and moxibustion.


Fee, Insurance, Payment Option

$75 per session (Treatment requires 60 to 70 minutes)
Initial visit fee $20

  • Out clinic does not process insurance claims. Please submit the medical statement we issue to your insurance carrier. Also inquire to your insurance carrier if coverage is available.
  • We accept check, credit card (VISA, Master) and cash.
  • JAL family card members can receive 10% discount for acupuncture treatment.

Cancelation Policy

Failed appointments jeopardize the ability of Japan Town Acupuncture clinic to provide appropriate care to patients. In that light we have instituted a failed appointment fee.

By scheduling appointments with our Clinic, you have agreed to attend all scheduled appointments in a timely manner. If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, you need to call and cancel the appointment (415-922-2100) preferably one day in advance. In cases of extraordinary circumstances which do not allow you to give a one-day advance notice, you still need to call as soon as you are able and inform the clinic that you will be missing your appointment. Failure to cancel your appointment will result in being assessed a failed appointment fee. This fee is due when billed, or at your next appointment which ever comes first.

The failed appointment fee is $40 (forty).

Failing two scheduled appointments in a row or three appointments within one year will result in a scheduling hold for Appointments being placed on your account. This means you will not be able to schedule appointments with Japan Town Acupuncture. This hold can only be removed by presenting in person at the Japan Town Acupuncture clinic. All outstanding failed fees must be paid at that time.

If you continue to fail appointments, termination of care will end the responsibility of the Japan Town Acupuncture Clinic to see you as a client. It will then be your responsibility to find another acupuncture clinic with which to continue your care. If you sign a release of information, Japan Town Acupuncture will work with you to facilitate this transfer of care.

Japan Town Acupuncture will be under no obligation to pay for any acupuncture treatment following termination treatment. It will be your sole responsibility to cover these expenses.

LATE ARRIVALS: If you arrive late more than 15 minutes to your appointment, we cannot guarantee that you can receive the treatment regardless how much time is left on our scheduled appointment. You will still be required to pay the full session fee ($70).

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