We are an acupuncture clinic, located in San Francisco's Historic Japantown, run by a Japanese acupuncturist. Based on the theory of oriental medicine, we relieve, and remediate many different kinds of adult diseases, general physical complaints that come from stress and other unpleasant symptoms by using the techniques of acupuncture and moxibustion.



"Hyakudoku Kudashi" pill is a tender and mild herb medicine, purely vegetable product will aid the spontaneous action of bowels.

Hyakudoku Kudashi pill pictureYou may easily imagine that laxatives will mostly cause an acute stomachache. You can hardly take the medicine, feeling uneasy about bowel movement when working or going out. But, if left as it is without any remedy, it may cause acnes and eruptions, intrarectal abnormal fermentation, aerenterectasia, flatus and many other evils. Hyakudoku KudashiÓ pill is an effective herb medicine compounding from Rhubarb, Aloe and Pharbitis seeds to stimulate the large intestine to accelerate the vermicular motion of intestines with effecting the laxative action, Rose fruit to promote urination and laxation, Smilax rhizome to promote the urination and detoxication and Liquorice root to relax the acute purgation (stomachache). This product is black-colored small globules dosage of which can be adjusted, increased or decreased, according to action of bowels. Taking this Hyakudoku Kudashi pill, you can relieve obstinate constipation to keep your skin clear and flesh.

œGlass bottle package(The product comes with serving spoon.)
Capacity 1152 pills Price $30
Capacity 2560pills Price $50

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